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Pass MY Real Estate Exam (Online Real Estate Exam Review)

Online Course

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Convenient Online Learning
Joyce Bea Sterling
Cost: $34.99
Description: Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos
Prepare for the National Section of the Brokers and Sales Exam

Study for your Real Estate Exam on Your
iPad - iPhone - Mac - Android - Tablet

Access from any computer! Study at your convenience! 24/7

Have you ever watched a television commercial and then heard the commercial as you were driving? Could you "see" commercial, even though you were listening to it on the radio?

That is what makes the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos
the most effective method of study there is!

Learning is much EASIER when you can SEE and HEAR the material!

This review package includes:

34 Real Estate Exam Must Know Videos - Each videos is 6 to 14 minutes

34 Downloadable Audio Files - MP3 Format
Total Time: 4.75 hours

Real Estate Math Made Easy PDF file that you can download and print

Over 650 Real Estate Exam Questions

An Exam Strategy section is also included in the Math Made Easy that teaches you how to analyze the question formats and includes Test Taking Tips!

Relax Your Way Thru the Real Estate Exam audio file
(Learn to manage test anxiety)

You have immediate Access to the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos! Relax - Watch - Listen - Learn

Normally $69 Buy now while they are on special for $34.99!

You are given access to the site for 90 days.
If you need more time, you are given additional time until you pass.
There is never an additional charge.

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