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Class Details:
The Truth Behind The Title

Maine Real Estate: 3 clock hours

Bangor G. Clifton Eames Learning Center, 203 Maine Ave. Bangor
Matthew McDonald
FREE! Compliments of Bangor Savings, Leah Peabody & Cumberland Title, Matthew MacDonald!
Meeting Date: 2/26/18, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Description: Just what does a title company do? And why should licensees care? Let Matthew J. McDonald, attorney and owner of Cumberland Title Services, guide you through the basics of title insurance. This 3 clock hour credit course will provide just what you need to know to successfully guide your home-buying clients through the closing process.

After completion of this class, licensees will have a broader understanding of the role and function of a title company in a real estate transaction. Attendees will be able to:
*Recognize the tools that a title company uses, such as deeds and MLIs
*Calculate tax pro rations
*Recognize what circumstances can stop a closing
*Describe solutions for various title issues.