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Which Loan Program?

Maine Real Estate: 3 clock hours

Sable Lodge

FREE!! Compliments of National Mortgage Insurance Corporation!

Refreshments and venue location courtesy of Sable Lodge.
Robert Staab
FREE! Compliments of National Mortgage Insurance Corporation!

Refreshments courtesy of Sable Lodge. A tour of the property can be arranged through Dani Swenson of Resort Lifestyle Communities before or after the class.
Meeting Date: 10/23/18, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Description: This three-hour course will cover the basic parameters for conventional loans, FHA, VA, RD and Jumbo loan products. It will discuss the parameters of each program and how they differ in both rules and regulations.
The program will also show both the benefits to the potential home buyers and the pitfalls. It will discuss such topics as the differences in mortgage insurance, down payment, condition of the property, and how credit score can affect the borrower. It will show how each one of these factors affect the cost of the loan and the likely hood of the borrower actually getting approved for the loan itself.
It is not intended to make the real estate agent/broker into a loan officer. The intention is to give them a working knowledge of how a loan officer should think about what loan is best for the client and what the loan officers thought process is.