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Cancellation Policy:

We almost never cancel a class. If we cancel a class for any reason, we will notify each student by e-mail or phone of the cancellation and rescheduling arrangements. If a class is not rescheduled, we will refund all student registration fees within 14 days.

If you would like to cancel your enrollment in a class that you are registered for, please email Christy Arnett, Operations Manager at 

Refund Policy:

Continuing Education Classes:

If you cancel prior to starting an online course or prior to the first day of the live delivery course, a full refund will be issued. If you do not attend the live delivery class or course, or start an online course no refund or credit will be given and the course fee is non-transferable to other course offerings.

Students must be present for the entire number of course hours to receive credit; late arrival or leaving early is not acceptable.

Pre-License Classes:

If you cancel prior to starting this course, including the on-line portion, a full refund will be issued upon request.  If you do not attend the live Workshops and have not contacted TRELG prior to the first Workshop, no refund will be due.  This course fee is non-transferable to any other course offering or other individuals.  If the registration for this course is used for obtaining an extension of any kind from the Commission, no refund will be due. 

Attendance Policy:

You must attend all four workshops in their entirety. If you miss a workshop, you may make it up the next time the workshop is offered. Please remember that you are unable to apply for your Associate Broker license until you complete this course in its entirety, and the next offering of a workshop might be many months away.  You must complete this course within 1 year from the scheduled end date of the original course in which you are registered.