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Class Details:
Sustainability Matters

ME 2 clock hours

Zoom Livestream June 8th 11am-1pm

Reducing our use of energy and sourcing it from clean technology in the building sector as well as protecting our built environment, coastline and land resources from sea level rise and storms are important to the real estate licensee community and our clients and customers. This Sustainability Matters course introduces six of the most important present issues we face today as licensees when it comes to sustainability, how to achieve it, and how to pay for it. Part 1 looks at how one pair of cities joined forces to tackle common problems with expensive flooding damage and common solutions for adaptation in land and the built environment from experts in their fields. Part 2 looks at how licensees can assist clients to finance and value building improvements which result in the use of both less energy and clean energy. Understanding how to help clients reduce operating expenses and get a higher resale value for investing in building sustainability are essential licensee skills in today’s competitive market.
Cost: $10.00
Brought to you by the Greater Portland Board of REALTORS.
Meeting Date: 6/8/21, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Livestream