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Core Course for Brokers & Associate Brokers 4 Communication (Livestream)

ME 3 clock hours

Zoom Livestream Aug 16th 9am-12pm
Geoff MacLean
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Meeting Date: 8/16/22, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Livestream
Description: Welcome to the Zoom live streaming version of "Core Course for Brokers & Associate Brokers 4 Communication".

You will need full audio and video capabilities via a laptop, desktop, or tablet (NO PHONES PLEASE).

The single most important element of a smooth real estate transaction is EFFECTIVE communication. Not that long ago, licensees worked mainly from an office and most often communicated with consumers face to face, by telephone or through the United State Postal Service. Offers were mailed out or faxed for initials and signatures and it could take days to get a fully executed contract. Technology advances have changed the way business is done. Offers can be emailed, electronically signed and returned in a matter of minutes. A potential down side of this faster-paced transaction is a lack of thorough communication.
Transactions involve numerous people, any of which may drop the ball and forget to pass along a message, submit a document or set up an appointment. When everyone involved in a transaction keeps in contact with each other chances are there will be a clearer understanding of that transaction and proper expectations.
A common thread found in the investigation of Real Estate Commission complaints is INEFFECTIVE communication. Whether it be about appointed agency, disclosed dual agency, performance/service, earnest money disputes, incomplete property information or other brokerage issues, communication is often a factor when an issue arises.