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Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book

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Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book
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Description: With relatively low start-up costs and no hard ceilings, a real estate career seems perfectly tailored for any ambitious entrepreneur. In this industry, your limits are truly self-defined. Your approach, your ability, and your willingness to do the work of real estate sales will be the greatest determining factors for your success. In his book, The Aladdin Factor, Mark Victor Hansen teaches that in life the size of our answers is determined by the size of our questions.

With this book, we will ask, explore, and answer the most important question anyone in real estate sales could ever ask of themselves, "How do I, as a real estate sales person, take my sales income to the highest level possible?" Believe it or not, it is a simple question with a simple answer. In this book, we will lay out for you how to think like a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Then, we will show you, step by step, how to earn and net a million in annual income. Finally, we'll point out the path to receiving a million in passive income.

The formula is straightforward-think big, act bold, and you'll live a larger life. To be totally honest, the end goal of this book is not necessarily to teach you how to put a million dollars in the bank every year. Even though we do offer a complete and accurate analysis of that pursuit, the real purpose of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is to encourage you to live large.

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