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Learn what you can do to become compelling

and cause people to choose you.


Most marketing today is meaningless drivel. Few customers want to “optimize the synergies of your ecosystem to empower their groundbreaking marketing scheme” when what they really want is “a better way to buy, sell, finance and close.” Turn on the radio, flip through social media or watch a corporate promotional video and you know what we mean: it’s all Jabberwocky to us. In an era of digital marketing, words matter more than ever. That’s why Matthew created this course for sales, marketing and management professionals. 

This is a highly interactive workshop. You'll leave with the tools and message you need to separate yourself from the pack. To learn more about Matthew and why he is the right person and this is the right message at the right time, go to

Take the road less travelled and leave the quest to go viral behind.


Seasons Event and Conference Center
Matthew Ferrara
Cost: $99.00
For a limited time only!
Meeting Date: 11/7/17, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM