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At The Real Estate Learning Group®, we have been so fortunate to attract a vast group of fans and supporters. We'd like to think we earned them by working with top-notch instructors, presenting well-designed classes on subjects of specific interest to Maine licensees, having convenient locations, unique and competitive business models, and a lot of work staying focused on our students’ needs and desires.

A few of these fans have generously agreed to make their feelings about us public. We are indebted to them and promise to honor their gift to us by continuing to offer the values that brought us here. 

Thank you all for choosing us to be your Maine Real Estate education provider.


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Lori Barrett

Appreciates the value of quality training.


Chris Lynch

Wants his agents to be the recipients of the best education.

Gail Bergeron

Her answer is
The Real Estate Learning Group.

Susan Russell

Always found the classes super helpful!



Tim Dunham

Loves that we're Maine REALTORS®




Student Testimonials

Prelicense Classes

Join the hundreds of satisfied learners who have successfully completed our Sales Agent Course! With an impressive recommendation rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 600 recent graduates, our course is a trusted choice for those pursuing a Maine real estate license.


Sales Agent Course Online

"I took this course while also busy with other work and everyday life. I liked that I was free to take it as slowly/quickly as I chose. It also gave me the time to focus more on subject matters that I struggled with, and move faster through areas I found easy to understand."

"I love the 'go at your own pace' and the quick response from my instructor."
"You folks have been wonderful! Thank you for all your help!"
"The material is incredibly easy to digest, and Jane made herself available if I had any questions."
"This class challenged me in a very good way. Great job to instructor Greer."
"It was very organized and brought me through all of the material smoothly."
"I thought the modules were a good length and that the video insertions were helpful in going deeper and breaking up some of the reading. I also liked the audio recaps at the end of the chapters. Everything loaded and functioned well."


Sales Agent Fast Track Course


"As you’ve heard a number of times, your courses are always informative and educational. It is always refreshing to me to gain from the knowledge and experience of my peers but it continues to amaze me how instructors like yourself bring real-world scenarios to the classroom. Your statement to the class that TRELG isn’t in the business to fail students but to educate them gives an amazing boost of confidence to those of us who are still learning and questioning our competence in the field. The industry is very lucky to have you and your counterparts as part of the professional platform! Great job again!"


"I enjoyed the genuine care the instructor (Bill) gave to the class. It was more than just his job; he wanted us to succeed. I definitely greatly benefited from choosing the fast-track workshop course. It kept me focused, was timely, and reiterated important topics."


"I liked the hybrid model approach. I like working on my own but getting the opportunity to come in and clarify things and ask questions was really helpful. Also, the instructor is super knowledgeable and made, what could have been very boring and dry content, enjoyable!"


"This class was fantastic! Julie did an amazing job presenting the material, you could see her passion for real estate every class! I will highly recommend Julie and the Real Estate Learning group to colleges and friends!:


Associate Broker Course

"I would highly recommend taking a course with you. Your instructor is very knowledgeable from all of her personal and professional experience in the industry. She goes above and beyond for her students and checks in weekly to make sure you are on course for success. The online work and the in-person workshops to follow were the perfect combination. I would definitely take a course with you again."


"Thank you for the support you provided. I was always impressed how quickly you responded to all my emails regardless of the time of the day or day of the week. I appreciate that."


Designated Broker Course

"Geoff MacLean is a Maine treasure. I am licensed in MA and NH and neither of those states prepare you for the challenges, strategies, and logistics of operating a brokerage as a designated broker like Maine licensing law and Geoff's years of experience do. I'm not sure people can appreciate the education and opportunity that TRELG offers without the perspective of operating in the dark in other states. Thank you Geoff. The in-the-trenches examples are invaluable. I was not required to take this course, because I hold the Designated Broker position in two other states, but I wanted to make sure we could operate at the highest level. This is is the single best course I have taken in my several decade career. If you never want to be the designated broker, but you value best practices and operating at the highest level, take Geoff's class. You won't regret it."

"If I could give Geoff more than 5 stars, I would. One of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals I have ever met."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the in person classes. The instructor was knowledgeable and funny. Loved the discussions."
"Once again, I'm very pleased and impressed by the education offered by The Real Estate Learning Group."
"Really excellent class - very glad I took the course even though I am not likely to ever have my own agency or act as a DB. Course included learning that will help me in my own business, and in the event I create a team one day. Thanks Geoff!"
"Effective combination of learning styles, I liked the mix of at-home study and live discussion/interaction."
"Geoff was an amazing instructor and is extremely knowledgeable!"


Continuing Education Classes


“The classes that TRELG offers are the most valued classes I have taken, always great to have a refresher course. Ed’s personality holds your interests, helpful class.”


“Excellent participation with examples of credit issues of buyers, navigating credit reports, and helping buyers build credit. The instructors knowledge. He (Don Cohen) was amazing. One of my favorite courses.”


“Great learning more about auction process and different types that are done. The instructor (Mike Carey) was very knowledgeable, entertaining, and I learned a lot.”


“Good, realistic subject, always good to be reminded of what is the right process and I gained knowledge in legalities and requirements in some unique situations.”


“Very thought-provoking. Houston, we have a problem. I can use a lot of suggestions to be more secure. Every broker should take this course. Everyone should take this yearly!”


“Procuring Cause is a complicated issue and I felt this class gives me a better understanding. The instructor (Geoff MacLean) is great!”


“The way the course was instructed. The fact that it wasn't just straight videos but a lot of case studies etc. Clear and easy to understand.”


“The content regarding behaviors and warning signs was very insightful. Excellent content - thank you!


“Time flexibility is always a huge bonus for me. Easy to follow. Thank-you :-) Real Estate Practice in Maine: Thank you, learning new things...never, never do I have all the answers! A lot of overview information that was a great review!”


“Loved everything about this class. The connection between client & agent & responsibilities. Great best practice tid bits! The presenter/teacher was clear and concise. Easy to understand!”