Directions to our new Education Center, 220 Maine Mall Road, 2nd Floor, South Portland

Our Education Center is now located at 220 Maine Mall Road in South Portland.  This is also called the Mall Plaza.  It is the same plaza as Dick's Sporting Goods.

Our space is on the 2nd floor just above Maine Gold & Silver.

Our preference is that attendees please park anywhere at the backside of the building, where there is an elevator to the 2nd floor and a ramp. 

***At the front of the building, the first two rows are reserved for the first floor retail stores. Please do NOT park in those rows or you will have to move your car!!!***

At the front of the building, you can enter the building at the glass doors between Catherine's and Hunt's Photo (see below).


Once you enter the building just follow the signs to our space.

We look forward to seeing you!