The Real Estate Learning Group® offers an array of consulting services meticulously crafted to enrich the expertise, operational efficacy, and market proficiency of real estate agencies. By providing insights grounded in the latest industry developments, market intelligence, and compliance regulations, The Real Estate Learning Group® ensures its clients remain at the cutting edge of the real estate domain.


The Real Estate Learning Group can provide:


  • Pre-License and Continuing Education Programs: Customized educational offerings from The Real Estate Learning Group® help agents fulfill their ongoing education requirements while staying abreast of new laws, regulatory changes, and ethical guidelines.


  • Compliance and Ethical Standards Consulting: The Real Estate Learning Group® ensures that agencies are consistently up-to-date with real estate brokerage law requirements and ethical obligations, fortifying their reputation and minimizing risk.


  • Networking and Partnership Development: The Real Estate Learning Group® acts as a conduit, connecting agencies to a network of industry specialists, potential collaborators, and thought leaders to foster growth opportunities.


  • Policy Development: The Real Estate Learning Group® delivers consulting on policy development to ensure company compliance with real estate brokerage law.


The Real Estate Learning Group's® comprehensive suite of consulting services empowers real estate agencies to not just navigate, but excel in the dynamic real estate marketplace, armed with knowledge, innovation, and a competitive edge.


Geoff MacLean, a founding partner of TRELG, brings an impressive 40-year background in practical brokerage and company leadership to his extensive teaching and consulting endeavors. With a remarkable aptitude for mediating disputes within the REALTOR® organization, between licensees, and among consumers, Geoff's expertise is widely recognized. As a sought-after consultant for numerous real estate companies and an esteemed expert witness in real estate brokerage matters, Geoff's insights are highly valued. Since 1996, he has served as the chair of the Maine Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee, and his exceptional contributions have led to him being named REALTOR® of the Year twice by his local Board of REALTORS®. Geoff's passion for education is evident as he imparts his knowledge through teaching various courses, including the Maine Designated Broker pre-license course, as well as a diverse array of continuing education courses, available in-person, via livestream, and online.

Ed Getty, a founding partner, is a revered instructor and consultant known for his vast knowledge, distinctive candor, and engaging sense of humor. With an impressive track record of 40 years in sales and management, Ed's total sales production has surpassed $100 million. As the president of his state's esteemed REALTOR® organization and a two-time recipient of the prestigious REALTOR® of the Year award from his local Board of REALTORS®, Ed's expertise is widely recognized and respected. Ed's passion for education shines through as he teaches a variety of courses, including the Maine Associate Broker pre-license course, and offers a diverse range of continuing education courses, both in the classroom and through engaging online video sessions.


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