Maine Licensing

How do I get a real estate license in Maine?


Sales Agent

The Sales Agent license is an entry-level license that allows you to acquire on-the-job training and experience while you complete the requirements for an Associate Broker license. The Sales Agent license is valid for two years and is not renewable.

To qualify for a Sales Agent license, you must:

  • Complete the 55 hour Sales Agent Course (Online) or (Fast Track) with a grade of 75% or above;
  • Pass the Pearson VUE qualifying with a score of 75% or above;
  • Apply to the Maine Real Estate Commission;
  • Be at least 18-years old at the time of license application;
  • Hold a high-school diploma (or the equivalent); and
  • Have a reputation for honesty, truthfulness, fair-dealing, and competency.

For information on the Pearson VUE exam, consult the Pearson VUE Dec 2022 Candidate Handbook


Associate Broker

The Associate Broker license, the professional level above the Sales Agent license, is permanent, issued for two years, and renewable. 

To progress to an Associate Broker license, applicants must have:


Broker/Designated Broker

Whether you want to run your own brokerage or just have a broker designation on your resume, The Maine Broker license permits full brokerage services, including acting as a designated broker for an agency. This license is a two-year, renewable license.

To obtain the Maine Broker license, one must:

  • Provide evidence of having worked as an associate broker for two years within the past five years,
  • Successfully complete a 50-hour Designated Broker Course with at least a 75% grade,
  • Submitted their application to the Maine Real Estate Commission; and
  • Have a reputation for honesty, truthfulness, fair-dealing, and competency.

The course also qualifies for 18 hours of Continuing Education, making it beneficial for current brokers seeking a refresher.