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Maine Real Estate Continuing Education - Livestream "Zoom" Classes

The Zoom software is free and easy to use!  Click the following link IN ADVANCE of the scheduled class to test your zoom ability: 

The link below is a short video with instructions on how to join a meeting.

Your video/webcam MUST be turned on so that we can see you through the entirety of the class (REQUIRED - NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Once you've completed the live streaming portion of the class, you will be re-directed to your student center to complete the final quiz.  Upon passing the quiz and completing the required class evaluation, a course completion certificate will be available for you to download and/or print for your records.

Come join us for a lively interactive class from the comfort of your office or home! 

We intend for this class to be treated exactly the same as a live class!  If you cannot do it in a live class, we ask that you not do it in a zoom class.  For example - no driving, exercising, gardening, talking on your phone, walking the dog...  We really appreciate everyone's cooperation so that we can make this a favorable learning experience for everyone attending.  Thank you!  Please click HERE for a full list of REQUIRED Zoom Etiquette items.

Please review our Technical Support and our Cancellation, Refund, Attendance Policies for additional details!

Livestream Continuing Education Classes

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Purchase and Sale Agreement Roundtable (Livestream)
Zoom Livestream Jan 25th 9am-12pm

Welcome to the Livestream version of "Purchase and Sale Agreement Roundtable". You will need audio and video/webcam capabilities via a laptop, desktop or tablet (REQUIRED - NO EXCEPTIONS). Join us for a lively discussion of the clauses in the Zipforms Purchase and Sale Agreement and selected addenda. You will participate in group discussions, share real-world situations, and engage in a facilitated large group debrief of important learning points. Learn how to best serve the interests of your client.

Instructor: Geoff MacLean
ME 3 clock hours
This class is open to all Maine Licensees and will include the new 2022 Zipforms.

Core Course for Brokers & Associate Brokers 4 Communication (Livestream)
Zoom Livestream Feb 8th 9am-12pm

Welcome to the Zoom live streaming version of "Core Course for Brokers & Associate Brokers 4 Communication". You will need full audio and video capabilities via a laptop, desktop or tablet (NO PHONES PLEASE).

The single most important element of a smooth real estate transaction is EFFECTIVE communication. Not that long ago, licensees worked mainly from an office and most often communicated with consumers face to face, by telephone or through the United State Postal Service. Offers were mailed out or faxed for initials and signatures and it could take days to get a fully executed contract. Technology advances have changed the way business is done. Offers can be emailed, electronically signed and returned in a matter of minutes. A potential down side of this faster-paced transaction is a lack of thorough communication.
Transactions involve numerous people, any of which may drop the ball and forget to pass along a message, submit a document or set up an appointment. When everyone involved in a transaction keeps in contact with each other chances are there will be a clearer understanding of that transaction and proper expectations.
A common thread found in the investigation of Real Estate Commission complaints is INEFFECTIVE communication. Whether it be about appointed agency, disclosed dual agency, performance/service, earnest money disputes, incomplete property information or other brokerage issues, communication is often a factor when an issue arises.

Instructor: Geoff MacLean
ME 3 clock hours
This class is open to all Maine Licensees.

This is the current core course for renewing Brokers and Associate Brokers. This is also good for 3 hours non-core CEU for Designated Brokers.