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Maine Real Estate Continuing Education - Live Classes

New classes are always being scheduled.  We guarantee more classes than you’ll need and they are always topics you want; always taught by experts in their field.  Check our website frequently for these offerings as they often fill up within days of being announced!

We offer live classes for free whenever possible, subject to sponsorship.  The online classes are always available and you get your credit certificate as soon as you finish.

Our classes are worth waiting for.  Why go anywhere else?

Effective, Monday, May 24, 2021


In compliance with the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our requirements for masks have been updated as follows:


  • Masks are no longer required for vaccinated individuals while they are in the Learning Center or the Gallery Room.  We do suggest that all non-vaccinated individuals continue to wear masks.
  • Our fully vaccinated staff will not be wearing masks and will not be requiring any type of proof of vaccination.  It is the responsibility of all individuals to be aware of the current regulations.
  • If you would like to continue to wear a mask, we welcome you to do so.


In place of the previous rule, we are asking that everyone respect everyone else’s decision to wear or to not wear a mask.


Please note:

The Clarion Hotel is still asking that everyone continue to wear masks when in the common areas of the hotel, including the hallways and public bathrooms.

Please review our Technical Support and our Cancellation, Refund, Attendance Policies for additional details!

Recent Testimonial:

"I couldn't let another moment pass without thanking Geoff MacLean for his time spent with us...  I left there admiring what a great job you did of drilling information into our new or seasoned skulls in an entertaining way. The next day, I overheard 3-4 agents in a circle talking about you. Sentences like, "It's like he was born for his job!" "How can he make something as boring as the Form 3 into an engaging class?!" etc

Upcoming Live Continuing Education Classes:

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Best Practices for Buyers
Clarion Hotel TRELG Education Center 1230 Congress Street Portland

Do you have a system for working with buyers? Join us for this 3-hour continuing education class to discuss how to create a system to work in an appropriate manner with your buyers per your written brokerage agreement. Presented by Susan Russell.

Instructor: Susan Russell
8/25/21, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ME 3 clock hours
This is a live in-person class at the TRELG Education Center at the Clarion Hotel, 1230 Congress Street, Portland.

Which Loan Program?
Clarion Hotel TRELG Education Center 1230 Congress Street Portland

Presented by Senior Loan Officer, Robert Staab, this three-hour course will cover the basic parameters for conventional loans, FHA, VA, RD and Jumbo loan products. It will discuss the parameters of each program and how they differ in both rules and regulations.
The program will also show both the benefits to the potential home buyers and the pitfalls. It will discuss such topics as the differences in mortgage insurance, down payment, condition of the property, and how credit score can affect the borrower. It will show how each one of these factors affect the cost of the loan and the likely hood of the borrower actually getting approved for the loan itself.
It is not intended to make the real estate agent/broker into a loan officer. The intention is to give them a working knowledge of how a loan officer should think about what loan is best for the client and what the loan officers thought process is.

Instructor: Robert Staab
9/8/21, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ME 3 clock hours
Brought to you by Treworgy & Baldacci!

Let's Be Safe Out There
Clarion Hotel TRELG Education Center 1230 Congress Street Portland

Situational awareness may be the new "it" term, but many do not understand what it means or how we need to use it. Being aware of one's situation and identifying potential threats and dangerous circumstances should be something we all implement as a mindset to use in the everyday life of a real estate licensee. This seminar, presented by Randee McDonald, will discuss how to use the most powerful weapon available - our brain - to avoid defensive situations. We will also touch on the use of pepper spray, personal alarms, and flashlights when the need arises.

Instructor: Randee McDonald
9/23/21, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ME 3 clock hours
This is a live in-person class at the Clarion Hotel, 1230 Congress Street, Portland.

23 Reasons Why Your Loan Is Not Closing Today
Clarion Hotel TRELG Education Center 1230 Congress Street Portland

There are countless reasons why a loan does not close or at the very least gets delayed. Many times it causes a great deal of confusion and anxiety among buyers, sellers, and real estate licensees. During this 3 clock hour CE course instructor and veteran lender Robert Staab will prepare you to overcome 23 reasons why loans don't close. By the end of this course you will be able to:
- Identify 3 major components of mortgage lending,
- Identify the major reasons why a loan will not close and be prepared to address them in advance of them becoming an issue,
- Identify compliance issues and their impact on a successful loan closing.

Instructor: Robert Staab
11/3/21, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ME 3 clock hours
NH 3 clock hours
Brought to you by..... TBD!