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Maine Sales Agent Course - Online Version

100% Self-Study and Self-Paced


At The Real Estate Learning Group, we distinguish ourselves by combining our decades of real estate brokerage experience with our expertise in designing learning for you - an adult learner. We meet you where you're at whether you are preparing for your very first career or you own a portfolio of investment property. Or perhaps it is just the time in your life to finally pursue a career over which you control your own success.


Take a moment to learn about our course and to meet instructor Jane Greer, an owner, and partner in The Real Estate Learning Group.


There is a saying in education that when the learner is ready, the opportunity will appear. With our Sales Agent Course, you begin learning on the very same day on which you register for the course. Some students complete this 55-hour self-study course in about two weeks while others take the full six months we allow for completion -- it's all up to you. This is a true online course where you learn through a variety of activities -- reading, case studies, video, interactive note-taking guides, and lots of quizzes so that you can check your progress along the way. There is no waiting for an instructor to review your work or correct your quizzes.

We provide you immediate answers to all learning activities so you may monitor and adjust your own learning -- all in the true spirit of adult learning. That being said, your instructor is only an email away.


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The Sales Agent Course
Convenient Online Learning, Available 24/7!

100% online, self-study and self-paced incorporating reading, video, audio, case studies and interesting learning exercises. You have up to 6 months to complete the course although some students complete the course in as little as two weeks.

Instructor: Jane Greer
ME clock hours
Includes textbooks and materials.