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Technical Support


Common issues:

For courses that specify that you must complete one section before moving on to the next, if you are unable to advance through a course, you may not have allowed the previous section to finish completely.  Go to the last section you are able to enter; if there is a video and you've already watched it, you can drag the video to the end, allow it to play completely to the very end, and then proceed to the next section.

Difficulty viewing videos - Our videos will require a minimum of 5mbps.  We suggest closing out all other active programs and restarting your device.  Then go to at the time you are accessing our site.    

If you have an anti-virus (Norton, McAfee) or back-up application (Carbonite) actively running in the background this may also cause a video to run slowly.    Speed will vary by time of day, device, wifi connection, other traffic on your wifi (playing video games or streaming movies), etc.

If your screen saver is set to come on frequently, this may cause issues with the videos.  Solution:  Set your screensaver to come on less frequently, or better yet, stay at your computer and wiggle your mouse occasionally while viewing the videos to prevent the screensaver from activating :/

If you fail a final exam, please review the content that you would like.  If you have previously viewed a video in full, you will be able to fast forward through it.  Once you have finished reviewing the sections, a new Final Exam will open for you.


Please email for further support.  I will respond within 1 day.