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Livestream Classes/Workshops

Information and Requirements

How to use Zoom 

Come join us from the comfort of your office or home! Zoom software is free and easy to use!  Click the following link IN ADVANCE of the scheduled class to test your zoom ability:

Here is a short video with instructions on how to join a meeting:

****IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We cannot provide technical support for Zoom on the day of your class*****

Livestream Classroom Etiquette

Please be respectful of your instructor, the sponsors, and your fellow licensees by following the simple rules we have set in place.

Come join us for a lively interactive class from the comfort of your office or home!  We intend for this class to be treated exactly the same as a live class!  If you would not do it in a live class, you cannot do it in a zoom class.  For example - no driving, exercising, gardening, talking on your phone, walking the dog, etc, etc....   


Here are the steps we are asking that you follow in order for you to have a successful class:
  1. When you receive the email confirmation/reminders, please save or print those emails as they have all of the important information you will need (zoom link, date/time of the class, student handout, etc) 
  2. Please note, VERY IMPORTANT, we send emails to you at the email address you use to log into  If your email address needs to be updated, please let me know asap!!!  You cannot update this yourself.  This is our primary means of communication with you so we need to have your current active email address.  If you're not seeing emails from us, please check your spam/junk folder and mark as a safe sender!
  3. If you are unfamiliar with zoom or expect that you might have any difficulty logging in, or if you have a new or unfamiliar device please please TEST this out PRIOR to the class and log into the class as early as possible (we usually start the zoom session 30 minutes prior to the class time).  If you try to log in a minute or two before the class starts, we cannot help you at that time, as we are taking attendance, introducing sponsors, etc.  This link will help you to get set up:
  4. Once you are logged in to the zoom session, please update your name by hovering over your picture in the upper right-hand corner.  Your name as it appears on the screen should match your name that you are registered under.
  5. If you are in a spot in your home or office with very little background noise, it is ok to stay unmuted.  However, if you have dogs barking, tv on, other people in the room, phones ringing, etc. etc. you need to keep yourself muted.  The background noise is EXTREMELY distracting to the instructor and the other students.  Simply keep yourself muted and press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard when you'd like to ask a question. 
  6. Please pay attention and engage as if this was an in-person class. Please raise and/or wave your hand to get the instructor's attention before speaking.  The chat is not monitored by the instructor during the class.
  7. The final quiz instructions are emailed to you once your attendance in the class has been confirmed.  This email typically goes out just after the break.  You can take the quiz as many times as you need to, and once you pass, you will need to complete the course evaluation.  IMPORTANT!  Your course completion certificate will NOT be available to print/download until EVERYONE has completed the quiz!
We appreciate your attendance and cooperation. 

Earning Credit for your Course (This applies to Continuing Education Classes in Maine only)

Once you've completed the live streaming portion of the class, your instructor will direct you to your student center to complete the final quiz.  Upon passing the quiz and completing the required class evaluation, you may print/save your course completion certificate for your records.   THE FINAL QUIZ AND CLASS EVALUATION MUST BE COMPLETED THE DAY OF THE CLASS!!!

We intend for you to treat this class exactly the same as a live class!

If you would not or could not do it in a live class, we ask that you not do it in our livestream class. 

For instance - no driving, exercising, gardening, talking on your phone, etc., etc.  We really appreciate everyone's cooperation so that we can make this the best learning experience possible for all that are attending. 

Thank you!

The Real Estate Learning Group