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Real Estate Practice In Maine (Online)

ME 12 clock hours

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Real Estate Practice in Maine is a 12-hour, online, self-paced course designed for real estate professionals seeking continuing education credits. Whether you need a refresher on Maine law, want to increase your knowledge, or require credits, this unique course provides a comprehensive review of Maine's real estate laws. Join us today and challenge yourself to enhance your knowledge and skills!
Kelli McGlinn
Cost: $99.00
You will have 120 days from purchase to complete this course.
Description: This is a unique course just for you! Real Estate Practice in Maine is a 12-clock hour course for use towards your continuing education credits and it is completely ONLINE and SELF-PACED.

Is this you?
* Have you have been practicing in Maine for a while now, but need a refresher?
* Have you been inactive and need to rejuvenate your knowledge of Maine law?
* Are you a motivated and competitive learner who wants to increase their knowledge?
* Need some credits and an engaging self-paced learning opportunity?
* Do you want to challenge yourself by increasing your law knowledge fluency?

This course is designed to put you through the paces of reviewing the entirety of Maine law that governs your practice. This course is filled with materials and activities to increase your knowledge-set at a high level. Join us today!