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Real Estate Math (Online)

ME 3 clock hours

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Are you ready to tackle your math anxiety? You're not alone—most people experience some level of discomfort when it comes to numbers. That's why we've designed this course specifically for adult learners like you, offering a flexible, self-paced approach to mastering essential math skills. By improving your mathematical abilities, you'll gain greater confidence when working with clients and navigating complex transactions. So, take the first step towards conquering your math fears and join us in this empowering journey!
Kelli McGlinn
Cost: $25.00
This is a beginner level course.
Description: UPDATED JUST FOR YOU!!! How are you feeling about math? This is a beginner level course. The majority of the population has some sort of math aversion! You are not alone! If you want an opportunity to practice your math skills at your own pace and on your own schedule, this course is for you. By honing your math skills, you will increase your confidence while working with your clients. Join us here and face the math fear!